HOYA R1 Pro (Red) filter in Black and White photography

Dec 8, 2022

Back in the analog era everyone was aware and had in their bag a red filter. Is there any reason to use it today with our digital cameras?

Color filters was a big part of the film era and everyone was using them.

There are two uses of color filters. The first use was with color film for white balance purposes. Today you can alter the white balance on your camera settings accurately and fast but you can still use these kelvins adjust filters for creative purposes combining them with color gels in a light source. The other use of color filters is to alter the tonality in black-and-white photography and this is where we will concentrate in this article. The available color filters are red, orange, yellow and green. Every one of them affects different colors and fulfills a different purpose. Still, somebody will claim that color filters have no use in digital black-and-white photography due to the color channels alteration later in the digital post process but is this the case? And what are the benefits of using them in your digital camera today? Red filter back in film photography was used to increase contrast, remove fog and create drama. These effects take place in digital cameras as well.

But why don't we use red filters today?

We do not often them today on our digital cameras because of the possibilities in post-process that makes us believe in filters as an unnecessary tool.

In my opinion physical alterations in photography always look better. It is a way to differentiate your black-and-white images and simplify your workflow. Adding contrast later is not the same. The image looks less digital and the contrast is increased with a distinct tonality.

The blue sky darkens considerably and the shutter can be slow down.

The HOYA R1 PRO (RED) filter is a 3-stop filter. It blows the highlights a bit and gives them a dreamy feel. You don't have to post-process later and if so, it is very minimal. You just have to turn your camera to black-and-white mode and there you go.

I am using this filter because of the less work I have to do later on the computer. By limiting yourself exclusively to black and white you will be able to be more creative and therefore create stunning images.

This filter is for minimalist black-and-white lovers that love to shoot and connect with their cameras.

Experiment with underexposure and keep a tripod in hand and you won't be disappointed.

Yannis Raptis is a 28 years old photographer from Athens, Greece. Even though he studied in the dentistry school of Thessaloniki, photography had always the first place in his heart. At the age of 15 he bought his first DSRL and since then he never stopped being behind the lens. Currently, he is studying photography in a BA (Hons) program at Middlesex university.