Travel at home

Mar 24, 2021

As many countries are now declaring lockdown again, in order to help people travel through the images while staying at home HOYA global ambassadors raised their hands, took their cameras and turned the viewfinders out of the window. They are living in various places such as Korea, Australia, France or the United States to only mention a few. Here we would like to share with you images taken outside, around their homes or even few kilometers away, to show in artistic way the places they live or spend their childhood, tell their story, thus help people virtually escape outside during this stressful period of time. Enjoy the journey and share your images as well!

Photographer: Florian Legrand

Here is a picture taken only few kilometers from my place. This mountain is called Dent d'Oche, it is well know over here for the view from the top that offers a stunning 360° panorama over lake Leman, Mont-Blanc, Switzerland and most of the places where I grew up as a kid. HOYA HD nano CIR-PL was used to cut the lighter parts and keeps details on the clouds.

Photographer: Simon Painter

"Swans" was taken a few miles from my home at a place called Frensham Great pond in Surrey UK. As I walked through the trees to the water's edge there were 2 swans waiting to greet me. I shot this image using a HOYA PRO1D CIRCULAR PL polarizing filter to try and increase the contrast in the sky and control some of the reflections on the water. I took quite a few shots trying to capture a moment when they both had their heads up. I think I should have had a much higher shutter speed as I had a lot of blurred images as the swans moved around. It was one of those times that I was concentrating so hard on the subject that I forgot to think through my settings. The swans hadn't read the brief either and were reluctant to give me the perfect pose. I was, however, happy with this shot in the end.

Photographer: Simon Painter

"Through The Fog" was taken at a beautiful place called The Devil's Punchbowl, Surrey UK which is very close to where I live. The views are amazing from this high vantage point. This morning however it was one of many damp, cold, foggy mornings that we have at this time of year. I decided to put on my HOYA PROND200 filter and use some movement to create a really ethereal moody shot of the leafless trees through the fog. The ferns on the ground are a rich orange colour at this time of the year and as I panned my camera downward during the 8 second exposure it spread this warm colour upwards into the trees.

Apartments | HOYA PROND1000 | Photographer: Antony Zacharias

A cold yet bright windy day was the perfect time to photograph this block of apartments built in the 'Brutalist' style. This unique style of architecture was popular in the 1970s throughout the UK although not so much remains today.

Rainy day | HOYA PROND10000 | Photographer: Antony Zacharias

This picture was taken as a light rain shower had just passed through leaving a sheen on the roadway. The street is missing the usual heavy traffic often found in central London due to a temporary lockdown.

Photographer: Anton Gorlin

I'm a lucky person so live in Sydney so close to many natural wonders and beautiful places. Any day, when I feel sad or out of place, I can travel to the see and have some mental rest.

This day, I wanted to visit one of my places of power, Stanwell Park, and see what it can deliver for the sunset. I was excited to find a round rock formation at the beach and even more excited to discover how waves reflect also in circular shapes. And so I waited for like half an hour for a perfect reflected round wave accompanied by some beautiful colours in the sky. Of course, I got all wet and even eventually sick but I guess it was worth it. I've used HOYA PROND8 to smooth out the water without blurring it too much at the same time.

Photographer: Anton Gorlin

I work from home since March and sometimes I feel I just need to go out and change the scenery. I can't always wait till the weekend. It was one of those days, I just wanted to go out and refresh. So I picked up literally the closest beach some 10 minutes away. I've been to this beach multiple times and it was ok. I mean, you can do some photos but nothing outstanding.

This time it was different. The tide was really high, the highest I've seen and it has transformed the beach. All those rocks are usually dry on the shore. That day, they went underwater, the waves were coming at them, crashing, rolling, splashing. A completely different kind of experience! All of a sudden this beach went up pretty high on my top spots list.

Moral of the story - study your local places, keep coming and you'll see how they change and you'll get max out of them. HOYA PROND8 - to blur the water a bit.

Photographer: Andres Paabos

Otepää, the winter capital of Estonia, is preparing for winter by a grand display of autumn colours. Shot using HOYA HD nano CIR-PL filter.

Photographer: Andres Paabos

Viljandi - one of five Estonian cities belonging to the Hanseatic League from the beginning of the 14th century. Shot using HOYA HD nano CIR-PL filter.