Amazing photos you can shoot while staying at home

Apr 24, 2020

We are in the middle of a hard and crazy times forced to be isolated for an unknown period of time. Most of us are forced or asked to stay at home and take preventing measures to stop virus spreading over. But it does not mean that stucking inside can stop our imagination and creativity. No matter where you are, in large apartment, small room or garage, there are still a lot of ways to keep shooting and brush up your skills using things, tools around.

Here we introduce some amazing ideas from HOYA filter fans how to shoot great photos while staying at home. Hope that this content will inspire you and help to improve your skills.

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"Ghost from the book"

Photographer: Anton Gorlin

Back stage images

I've downloaded some random abstract wallpaper to my phone and made it very bright blue. Then, I've set up an environment with a warm lamp in the background (for the colour contrast). Then I've set my camera at f/2.8 focused on the book. I needed a long exposure to have enough time for light painting. I've closed the blinds but that wasn't enough - shutter speed was still about 2 seconds and that wasn't enough. So I've also attached HOYA PROND8 and made it 15 seconds. Surroundings should be underexposed to make sure the painting light is brighter. Once the shutter fired off, I started moving my hand back and forth to make some ghostly figures above the book. Later, I've noticed that the closest side of the book was too dark. So, I've also used a tablet with a white background to lighten this side as well.


Photographer: Frederic Lepla

Back stage images

Water + soap + a straw to inflate bubbles. I used HOYA PROND16 in order to underexpose the kitchen background.


Photographer: Frederic Lepla

Back stage images

A dandelion project in Blue White and Red... the french flag colors! Sony α7RIII + Minolta 50mm Macro. Made with an HOYA PROND16. Shot in the kitchen with two RGB led panels. flower on a clamp, camera on tripod with remote with long exposure settings.

"Commercial photo at home"

Photographer: Frederic Lepla

Back stage images

Sony α7RIII + Minolta 50 macro + HOYA PROND8 filter.

"Garden tree"

Photographer: Simon Painter

During these strange times I've been looking around the garden for some interesting subjects to photograph. My style is to experiment with camera movement. Today I put a HOYA PROND200 filter on my camera. This stops 7 2/3 stops of light getting to the camera allowing me to set the shutter speed slower than one would normally. I sat on the ground under an Acer tree with the sun shining through the leaves. In this example I had a shutter speed of 0.8 seconds and an aperture of f/8. During the 0.8 seconds I rotated the camera around the centre of the lens. It's tricky to keep the rotation precise. After many attempts that looked a bit messy, I braced my hand against my foot. This gave me the more precise circles I was after. It's always worth experimenting with bracing yourself against something and maybe holding your breath when you're moving the camera so you only make the movements you want to. I hope this gives you a little inspiration when you're spending time at home.

"Racing time"

Back stage images

Covid-19 disease has caused a lot of problems around the world. However staying at home doesn't mean we cannot be creative. Tokina invited me to participate at #shootathome challenge. The goal was to create a small project with things that are available in our houses. In terms of gear I used the Tokina FíRIN 100mm F2.8 FE MACRO lens with a HOYA PROND32 filter. The lens was attached on a Nikon Z6 camera via TZE-01 adapter. For motion control I used a DJI Ronin SC gimbal on a SLIK PRO-CF 833 tripod and the motion was tracked via the Ronin app. Lastly, as lights I used two (2) portable YN360II LEDs and the filming "stage" was a large white soft-box with black background.

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* You can read my review on the Tokina FíRIN 100mm F2.8 FE MACRO lens.

"Hand watch in spinning light" and "Bottle in spinning light"

Photographer: Florian LegrandPhotographer: Florian LegrandPhotographer: Florian LegrandPhotographer: Florian Legrand

Back stage images

The idea behind those pictures was to create something everyone can achieve with very few equipment. The tripod is not even mandatory since the pictures with the watch were taken on the ground, using the filters' case to align the camera with it. All lights were made moving the bulb during the 5 to 10 seconds exposures needed to obtain the effect wanted. All was homemade with light painting and a room in almost complete darkness apart from a small light at my back and the bulb you can see on the "backstage" images.

I used HOYA HD nano CIR-PL filter to avoid reflections on the objects since I was almost in the dark and using only one light source apart from the lamp at my back. It also decreased the speed a bit and allowed me to light paint for a longer time.

The light source for the light painting was the bulb, I just spinned it around the object with my hand while my camera was on the ground or on a tripod doing a long exposure (5 to 10 seconds). I used a lamp in my back to create some ambiance light and get more details on the pictures.


Photographer: Florian Legrand

Here is a new pictures taken in front of my window (respecting the lockdown). I used a 70-200mm Canon with an 2x extender with the HOYA PL filter to avoid burnt areas on the flower and then waited without tripod for the bee to come right in the good spot.

"Still life"

Photographer: Antony Zacharias

Back stage images

During this lockdown and to keep creative, I decided to capture this image using just window light. To control the shine and reflections on some of the fruit, I chose to use a HOYA HD nano CIR-PL which can be rotated to increase or decrease reflections.


Photographer: Michelle Lake

Back stage images

During these times of social distancing and hibernation, it can be hard to find ways around the house to be creative. Sometimes it's about looking around and using what is in front of you. It's coming into the cold weather where I am and we have had our wood burner on every day. I decided to capture the flames using my ND filter in an attempt to capture the fluidity of movement. Using the HOYA PROND1000 filter, I put my camera on a tripod for stability and reduce any external movement.

Exposure settings: 70mm, 5 sec, f/2.8, ISO200.

"Glass balls"

Photographer: Keith RuffellPhotographer: Keith RuffellPhotographer: Keith RuffellPhotographer: Keith RuffellPhotographer: Keith Ruffell

Back stage images

Taken in my dining room this evening during UK Covid-19 Lockdown. I used the PL filter to adjust the brightness of the light from the monitor and to adjust reflections in the glass balls (which make up a solitaire game).


Photographer: Keith RuffellPhotographer: Keith RuffellPhotographer: Keith Ruffell

The 3 images attached were all shot from exactly the same position on a beautiful spring morning in the UK. The Oak trees have just come into full leaf and there was a light breeze, moving the clouds slowly across the blue sky.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Without filter: 1/750 sec, f/8, ISO200
With HOYA Ultra-Pro CIR-PL: 1/350 sec, f/8, ISO200
With HOYA R72 Infrared and Ultra-Pro CIR-PL: 30 sec, f/8, ISO200

"Racing cars"

Photographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian LloydPhotographer: Brian Lloyd

Back stage images

So with the current global pandemic I’m sure we are itching to get out with our cameras, I know I am! However, we have to stay safe and follow our own countries guidelines for me that means no car shoots or events at the moment. The next best thing I thought was to shoot my own "supercar collection". Sadly, not the real things but my growing Lego collection! I took these shots handheld and using the HOYA HD nano CIR-PL filter to reduce glare on the plastic and windscreens. All shot hand-held with some behind the scenes images taken by my neighbor. Hope you enjoy these fun images and are finding ways to stay creative! Stay safe out there!