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Close-up lens is an extremely convenient tool that is by attaching to the front part of the master lens allows you shooting in macro style. In another words, close-up lens makes the original minimum working distance of your lens shorter, that will allow you to get closer to the subject and shoot it with bigger magnification. Close-up lens will let you get in a new world of creativity, providing detailed close-up shots. Suggested for shooting flora, insects and small objects.

HOYA MACRO CLOSE-UP (No.10) is HOYA +10 diopter 2 elements 2 groups construction multi coated close-up lens for macro photography using either digital or film cameras. Completely clear optical lens element inside light aluminum frame will let you get closer to the object at approx. 8-10cm for detailed, high quality close-up shot. 1:2 macro magnification can be achieved when used with 50mm lens, and 1:1 macro magnification can be achieved with 100mm lens.

Advantages of close-up filters

  • You can get closer to the object with the master lens that originally will not allow you to do so.
  • Unlike macro lens, close-up lens is very compact and will not take much space in your bag.
  • Macro lens is usually prime lens. Close-up lens can be used with zoom lenses, thus converting your zoom lens into macro zoom lens.
  • Zero exposure magnifying factor, shutter speed will not change.
  • Less flares and ghosts thanks to HOYA multi coated glass.
  • Possibility to create other diopters by combining two close-up lenses together. For example, No.1 + No.2 is equal to No.3.
  • Can be used with other effect filters like Polarizing filter*

    * Combining close-up filters with other filters might cause vignetting.

Focusing distance reference table when using close-up lens*

Close-up lens No. Shortest focusing distance Longest focusing distance
Without close-up lens 50cm Infinity
HMC CLOSE-UP II No.1 33cm 100cm
HMC CLOSE-UP II No.2 25cm 50cm
HMC CLOSE-UP II No.3 20cm 33cm
HMC CLOSE-UP II No.4 17cm 25cm
MACRO CLOSE-UP (No.10) 8cm 10cm

* The above calculation is based on master lens with the shortest focusing distance 50cm. The shortest focusing distance shows the distance between the object and the front part of the lens.

  • Close-up lenses No.1 and No.2 are suggested for the lens with the shortest focusing distance 1m and more.

  • Close-up lenses No.3 and No.4 are suggested for the lens with the shortest focusing distance 30-50cm.

  • Close-up effect is the weakest when the lens with short focusing distance is used.

Attention: Be aware of counterfeit filters

Attention: Be aware of counterfeit filters

In order to avoid purchasing one of those counterfeit filters we highly recommend to purchase only from official retailers that are recognized by HOYA's official global distributors. Prior the purchase kindly inquire and verify whether a retailer is authorized by HOYA global distributors. You may find the contact in the HOYA global distributors list.

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