International Filter Photo Contest 2018 winners announcement

Feb 14, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the results of International Filter Photo Contest (IFPC) 2018.

Sponsored by Kenko, HOYA, Cokin and Formatt, and held for the first time in 2008, IFPC is now at its 8th edition, and we are still recruiting and rewarding those amazing photographic works from all over the world which proved exceptional skills in showing effectively the creative use of photographic filters.

This time, we received 2000 entries from 18 countries, and as a result of a careful screening from a team of world-class judges, we have selected and awarded 35 photographic works.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all participants for proposing their excellent works!

Grand Prize – 500000 yen

Title: 永遠の誓い | Author: 大坂 拓弥 | Filter used: SOFTON | Country: Japan

Judge's comment:

This is a very romantic and creative work which was a solid concept before shooting. In addition to the basic photographic technique of the starlit sky by enlarging and emphasizing the stars using a soft-focus filter, we admire the extraordinary sense and proactiveness of the photographer for finding the location and models and creating the image at the site. When we saw the flower silhouette by the couple's feet, we thought for a moment that this work was a composite photograph, however, the blurriness of the lady's skirt caused by the night wind made us firmly believe that this work is real.

Jury Special Prize – 100000 yen

Jury Special Prize/Koji Itami Prize (Japan)

Title: Future express | Author: 松尾 和敏 | Filter used: ND | Country: Japan

Judge's comments:

This is a classic railroad photograph of the Tadami Line railway bridge. It must still be the hour before nightfall. This extremely memorable scenic photograph with the trace of a train is expressed by a ray of light which was shot in long exposure time using a ND filter. This is a good example of the creativity of the photographer turning a popular shooting site into an exciting scenery. The autumn leaves at both ends of the bridge add vividness and increase color effects.

Jury Special Prize/Hudson Henry Prize (USA)

Title: Foggy morning | Author: Myo Min Kywe | Filter used: ND | Country: Myanmar

Judge's comments:

This is a special travel photo. I've seen many of these bridge photos, some with incredible atmospherics. What sets this image apart is the way the photographer ensured they were in position in good light and stayed patient until just the right moment. The bicycle, the posture, the dog and the mist. Everything is just right and in just the right place in the frame. I get more a feeling for life in this location for having viewed this image. Work well done.

Jury Special Prize/Felix Inden Prize (Germany)

Title: 1812 | Author: Yuri Pritisk | Filter used: GRADIENT (HALF) / OTHER | Country: Russia

Judge's comments:

This image has a wonderful surreal quality to it and catches the viewer with a mysterious feeling. The rather monochrome scene stands in contrast to the eye catching colors and combined with the moody weather conditions it creates a sense of curiosity. Rounded up with a minimalistic composition that makes great use of negative space, it works like a charm. Very neat editing without any flaws.

Jury Special Prize/Zhang Yougfu Prize (China)

Title: ファンタジー 秋桜 | Author: 石田 治 | Filter used: CROSS | Country: Japan

Judge's comments:

This photographic work proves great technique in capturing still objects. The use of light is brilliant and, by using backlight audaciously, both the silhouette of the object and the tactile sensation it transmits are emphasized. Playing with both truth and fiction, and with the help of a cross filter, everything is magnificently expressed. A photographic work overflowing with vitality.

Complete prize categories and results here.

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