Subham Shome

Landscape, Portrait

Subham Shome is a self-taught fine-art landscape and travel photographer from Kolkata, India.

He bought his first camera in 2017 and started capturing everything around him – especially the lively and wild streets of his hometown Kolkata. The first trip with his camera to Bhutan in the same year kindled his interest in nature and wildlife photography, making landscape photography his first choice with the goal to exalt nature in its best form. While traveling, he also loves to interact with people, to get to know their stories and to try to convey the same to the world through his images.

"I travel to various places almost once every two months but Bhutan was my first trip with a camera. It felt like everything was making sense in front of the paddy fields of Paro and in the hiking trails of Chele La Pass and it was then when I decided that I will pursue this passion in the field of nature."

As a photographer he likes to work on the technical side while keeping the aesthetics in its place. He is a big fan of math and technology and he loves to see how things grow in the technical world. In his photography classes and blogs, he likes to deep-dive into technical aspects of photography products in order to truly show their value and how they can improve the general quality of images when used correctly.