Simon Painter


I have always been fascinated by light, texture and a desire to ask the question "What if...?"

This evolved from a science background at school and then through a career as a music composer and producer manipulating and crafting sounds with the available technology.

When applied to my photography it was inevitable that I found myself experimenting and exploring. I tried intentional camera movement and fell in love with the amazing results and challenges that it presents. Much of my work features trees, the majestic sentinels that stand proud on our landscape but I also love to photograph urban and moving subjects adding even more movement into the mix. To allow me time for my movement I use an ND filter pretty much all the time on my camera so it a vital component of my kit bag.

I have been developing my technique over the last few years and was delighted to be commended in The Sony World Photography Awards in 2017.

I continue to look for new ways of controlling camera movement and often find myself combining equipment in ways it was never meant to be used to create a certain effect.

My adventure continues...