Mara Leite

Astro, Cityscape, Landscape

Mara Leite is an award-winning professional photographer currently based in England.

Being half American and half Portuguese has allowed her to spend her life on both sides of the globe and capture vastly different sceneries. After buying her first DSLR camera she got hooked on photography and couldn't stop taking photos ever since. She uses her profession to connect with nature, escape the routine and remind herself that earth is full of wonderful delights. With her photos, she wants to transport the viewer to the places she visits in hopes that they can experience the same magic that she feels.

"Each photo is a labor of love that I have for the world around me. To me, they are reminders to look around and experience what surrounds us. The reason I do photography is not to wander Earth aimlessly searching for the most brilliant sunrise or sunset. The reason I take photographs is to experience the world outside, in all settings and environments, and remind myself that these astounding colors and incredible textures exist in all places. All we have to do is open our eyes to them."

In her photography, she especially values a unique and pleasing style through choosing carefully her color schemes. She aims for a dreamy look while remaining authentic and accurate to the scene she captures.

Mara has received various awards with her greatest achievement being the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021 and usually participates in exhibitions and galleries such as the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition in London (2021).