Hansol Oh

Architecture, Long Exposure, Cityscape

The Republic of Korea based photographer and dentist, who specializes in cityscape and travel photography.

"I'm using HOYA filters since 2018. I used filters made by another company before, but there were several problems. I experienced color distortion from ND filters, so I could not find exact color what I wanted to retouch. But HOYA PROND filters have low color deviation as well as deterioration of resolution. Recently I'm exploring color filters such as HOYA STARSCAPE and HOYA enhancers.

The city was an extraordinary subject as I was able to breathe in minty-fresh air through the night and get lost in thoughts while capturing those moments in my frames. Everything but myself was in motion, leaving me as a solid observer of the city."

Slow shutter speed technique was used with consistency to reveal the contrast and harmony between simplicity and complexity, the mobile and immobile, and the fast and slow-moving objects.

Hansol Oh has explored different cities around the world and expressed their beauty in his unique style. Based on this experience, he successfully hosted a solo exhibition 'Cosmopolitan' in 2018.