Giuseppe Sapori

Cityscape, Landscape, Travel

Giuseppe Sapori is a landscape and travel photographer from Rome, Italy.

Even though coming from a city that is full of history, culture and art, Giuseppe has as a lover of travel and adventures developed a keen interest in the discovery of new places especially for natural beauty and city art, making his main expertise landscape photography.

In his photography, his style is to make use of all techniques that improve visual impact and inspiration. He loves to emphasize colors and details with the intention to exalt the beauty of the object. He likes to play with the boundaries between photography and art with his ultimate goal to give imagination and inspiration to the viewers.

Giuseppe is also inspiring people in Italy and around the world through his website "The Time Stuck", where he does not only share his works, but also writes extensive in-depth guides and tutorials about photography and photoshop related techniques to give readers new ideas and tips for their photography and processing workflow.