Frédéric Lepla

Fireworks, Landscape, Long Exposure

I am a French wedding & fireworks photographer based in the north of France. I bought my first Minolta 35mm film SLR in 1996, then I swapped it with to Sony A-mount DSLR, then with Sony E-mount mirrorless camera.

Passionate with photography and long exposure photography, I became pro photographer in 2010, and my specialization is Fireworks photography!

I had the opportunity to capture amazing fireworks like those at the Kuwait 50th Constitution Anniversary in 2012, breaking the Guinness book world record, or even some state of the art fireworks display in Château de Vaux le Vicomte in France.

For fireworks shooting, I always use ND filters combined with medium/small aperture. ND filters give me the opportunity to remain in the best lens aperture range performance. I usually play with ND4 to ND16 filters, depending on various parameters, such as: type of lens, distance between camera & fireworks.

Thanks to ND filters helping me to get a longer exposure, I can keep using the camera and lens at their best capabilities, without lens diffraction drawbacks. In other words, with ND filters, I can easily extend the exposure time to get more fireworks effects. With ND filters I can create a much more artistic & creative stunning images!