Anton Gorlin

Architecture, Astro, Landscape, Long Exposure

Originally from Ukraine, I now reside in Gold Coast, Australia. My preferred genres are landscape photography and real estate photography. The former I do because the nature is beautiful, the latter - because of my technical background and because it's my part-time business.

The photography for me has started when I bought my first compact camera back in 2007 for the business trip to Sydney. Very quickly I got involved, read some books, attended a short course and bought Nikon D80. I love shooting all sorts of natural environment but my favorites are seascapes and the desert.

My real estate photographer career started with AirBnb in 2011 when I found the call-to-photographers by a pure coincidence.

These days I keep exploring QLD trying to find new hidden gems. Also, I teach others the basics of landscape and seascape photography.

For me, fine art photography is a way to show how I see, to transfer my impressions and to make someone's day brighter.