Antoine Denis

Landscape, Long Exposure

Born in the north of France, I grew up in the country side at 100 kilometers from Paris.

I had the chance to discover the nature living near to amazing landscapes in Normandy.

I have been interested early in our magic and mysterious nature. I started photography with a compact camera and a smartphone 10 years ago. I wanted to try to capture the atmosphere and the lights of landscapes I discovered. The aim was my photos to tell a story, the story I imagined.

Passionate about night lights, I bought my first reflex camera to focus on long exposure photography.

I love dramatic moods and I often use ND filters during the day to give a dark ambiance to my pictures.

I travel around the world when possible. I'm passionate about adventure and I often use my car to discover Europe. I had my first road trip in my little car 2 years ago and it was an amazing experience.

I share my photographic works with a lot of people on social medias like Facebook or Instagram. I have a blog which allow me to share my experiences in real time.

For me, photography makes sense if the first idea is to share my passion with others... Each of them can imagine the story he wants.